Rules of the Game Called Bubble Soccer!

bubble-soccer-2Football or soccer is the favorite game of many people, and everyone including the kids as well as adults want to try playing football at least once. The thrill and the fast pace of the game make it more enjoyable for people who want to experience the adrenaline rush and also try the limits of their fitness and endurance. People across the world enjoy playing as well as watching soccer, and the huge fan base can prove the popularity of the game. However, no one can deny that the game can be a bit risky for the players because there are high chances of getting serious injuries while playing this game. So if you want to enjoy the adrenaline rush and play a thrilling game without the risk of injuries, then the game called Bubble Soccer is the perfect option for you.

bubble-soccer-23As the name suggests, this game is soccer that is played with the help of a giant bubble. In regular football, the players hit the ball with their feet and try to make goals and win the game, but in this new game, the player is inside a giant plastic ball that resembles a bubble. We can say that in this game the player and the ball is one. The player is tied to the inside of the bubble with safety straps, and he or she needs their hands for holding the insides of the bubble to remain steady. They can only use their legs to get momentum and play the game. The players can hit each other anywhere so that some people may call this game as a violent game, but in reality, this is one of the safest game to play as there is almost no chance of injury to any player. As the player is safely inside the ball, the ball acts as a buffer in case the player is hit by another player.highres_440060855-jpeg

Rules of Bubble Soccer

  • Although there are no set rules as to an actual number of players in one team of bubble soccer, generally the teams consist of 5 players. If there are fewer players, then each team should have an even number of players playing for them, for e.g. each team should have four players. It is compulsory for each team to have at least one female player in the game at all time.index_photos_bubble_ball_girls
  • There are no goalkeepers in this match.
  • It is a must for every player to be inside the giant ball that is called as a Battle ball before he or she enters the field. It is also necessary that the players are properly strapped to the ball to ensure that there are no injuries in the course of the game.Bubble Soccer Houston is the place that encourages the young ones to play this game.
  • If a player who has been hit by the player of opposing team, falls to the ground, then the opposing team cannot strike him or her again, till he or she gets up and stands properly in the field.
  • As there are no goalkeepers in the game, the players of the team can guard their goal post by staying in the area in front of the goalpost that is called as the crease. However, they cannot remain in the crease for only three seconds. If they exceed the limit, then they will have to face the penalty.